Special gifts for the tournaments winners
We help Gamers pay Pro players
to play together, improve and
participate in our tournaments
Road to LFSL
We organize monthly tournaments for our Subscribers and their Pros with a $5,000 to $20,000 prize pool.

Subscribers = LF Seniors.
They have a $500/monthly subscription to play with Pros.

LF Pros make an average of $ 2,000 a month for coaching and playing with Seniors. They also participate in competitions for the prize pool of LFSL tournaments as well as their teammates, the Seniors.

LF Seniors spend from 8 to 20 hours a week playing with their Pros. Our program consists of:
10% lessons and 20% feedback exchange in the form of VOD reviews, content, and training grounds.
70% experiential: Most of the sessions happen in Battle Royale, Pubs, or Ranked with your Pros.
20 hours: Minimum teamwork hours to gain access to tournaments.

Our Seniors are 0.8 - 1.5 KD players | Gold - Diamond level.
Our Pros are 4 - 7 KD players | Predators. Who loves people and wants to make a living playing video games.

Your gaming feats that will remain in memory forever
Seniors: Trophies for Ranks and Wins milestones
Seniors: Recognition of community and friends

Pros and Seniors: Champion Rings
for Tournament placements
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About Us
LegionFarm is the gaming industry's best B2C matchmaking platform where exceptional gamers monetize their skills by helping casual players improve their in-game performance through coaching, companionship, and teamwork.
COD: Warzone
Tournament $6000
18.09 4pm GMT
It's totally free
Apex Legends
Tournament $6000
18.09 4pm GMT
It's totally free